Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Albertsons Monopoly Shop Play Win Spring 2015 Rare Game Pieces

I have never been this excited about a Grocery store "spend more on stuff you don't need" Promotion Game.... since the last three giveaway games Albertsons had (and the Rachel ray promotion 2 years ago)! Currently (February 5th 2015 - June 6th 2015) Albertsons is promoting their latest Board Game: Albertsons Shop, Play, Win, Monopoly Collect & Win Game.  We have seen these types of games done before, notably the famous McDonalds Monopoly game. For this Albertsons game, the rules are simple.
  • Buy products at Albertsons (especially the ones with the "Win Big" stickers near the price tag)
  • Redeem your recipe for a booklet with 4 game pieces and 1 coupon/Entry Code at the register
  • Fill in a game board with the game pieces
  • Check This Blog to see if you have a rare Albertsons game piece

Albertons Monopoly Game Board

The idea is to fill in the 4-6 game pieces to win the particular prize category. The trick with these types of monopoly games is that they leave one piece to be very hard to obtain, thus making the prize hard to win. To make things a bit easier to tell if you should even worry about getting a game board and licking the game pieces to fill in the different prizes, here is a list of the "hard" items to obtain to win the entire prize. Some reward categories are still being determined which game piece is the rare one, but as information is known, the table below will be updated!!!

RewardRare Piece Game NumberChances you might actually win this prize*
$1,000,000 Cash Reward (paid over 30 years) 102A, 105A,106A, 107AForget about it. Very Very unlikely. Do not plan on winning this prize. (3 available)
$500,000 Vacation Home110B,112B, 113B,114B0.0000000000005 (3 available)
$100,000 Cash or 2015 Tesla117C,118C,
A Tesla model S? Sweet prize (and sustainable!) (6 available)
$50,000 Home Make over123D, 125D, 126D, 128D2.5 × 10-13 (12 available)
$35,000 Vehicle of your choice134EThese can be dangerous (12 available)
$20,000 College Tuition135F, 137F, 138F, 139F12 available, so not impossible, but still very unlikely. (24 available)
$10,000 Jet Ski
These are fun, but better to rent! (36 available)
$10,000 Family Vacation141G, 142G, 143G, 144G, 145GNot likely to win but worth trying (36 available)
$5,000 Cash 153J,Do you really need that much green paper?(40 available)
$2,500 BigJoe Grill & Groceries156K, 157K, 158KSemi likely if you obtain a lot of tickets. (60 available) 
$1,000 Cash159L, 160L, 161LCash!! (75 available)
$1,000 Romantic Weekend Getaway163M, 164M, 165M, 166M75 available, so not likely but might be worth playing for.
$550 Redbox Movies for a Year167N, 168NThat's a lot of chick flicks! (250 available)
$500 Apple iPad Air171O,172O,173O, 174OThose Mac Air's are skinny! (250 available)
$200 Grocery Gift Card175P, 176P, 177P,Kinda unlikely Likely (500 available)
$200 Cash179Q, 180Q, 181QIs this even a prize? Likely if you collect 10 game pieces a day for 100 days you might win! (500 available)
$100 Grocery Gift Card188S, 189S,The more you shop, the more you drop! (1,000 available)
$100 Cash184R, 185RNot worth playing the game for this one but cool if you win!  ($1,000 available)
$50 Grocery Gift Card191U, Can't complain about free groceries! (4,000 available)
$25 Grocery Gift Card195V, 197V, 198VYay! Free groceries! (8,000 available) 
$25 Cash200W, 202WNot worth playing the game for only this prize. (8,000 available

$15 Grocery Gift Card203X, 204XNot worth playing for such a small prize (10,000 available)
$10 Grocery Gift Card207Y, 209Y, 210YTen bucks, that's it? (20,000 available)
$5 Grocery Gift Card212Z, 213Z, 214ZThis is possible to win! (100,000 available)
Instant Free Product WinnerN/AThis is possible to win! (3,661,105 available)
2 Free Game TicketsN/AI have won these before, they are not that rare, keep your eyes peeled for them! (41,814,987 available)

The table above can be used as a reference to see if your game piece is of value, or just another run of the mill game pieces. Each booklet also provides a free coupon for some random item within Albertsons, this is usually a measly 25 cent off coupon. However, occasionally this is a coupon redeemable online for some entry into a drawing or a coupon for more monopoly coupons.  If your desperate for more pieces, you may try a search on ebay or craigslist for what people are selling: Albertsons Monoploy Pieces on Ebay

If your really desperate be sure to ask your friends and local register trash cans for additional tickets. If your looking at How to Win the Albertsons Monopoly Collect and Win Game, look no further than the above table to see the rare pieces to win. And while I continue to have doubts that my local grocery store is making millionaires out of this game, I hope this makes the game easier to play and you can strategize your purchases accordingly! Good Lick!!

*Odds are completely made up. They are based roughly on how many prizes they give away. Don't take them too seriously.


  1. This is an awesome article! Thanks for the info!
    By the way, ebay doesn't list monopoly pieces anymore unfortunately, which really isn't fair to all the people with rare pieces. If you need a specific piece, or just want to get unopened tickets without going to Albertsons, the only place I have found that sells them is monopolytickets.tictail.com
    Good luck everyone!

  2. It's an OK blog. But the "rare pieces" list needs to be updated for it to be of any use.

  3. I have 122 C if anyone has 117 C email me we can go fifty fifty ktealynn0126@gmail.com (:

  4. I have all pieces for $35,000 vehicle EXCEPT for 134E. If anyone has it email me please sunshine.lety@gmail.com

  5. What about the pieces you log in how do you win with these?

  6. I need 105a and 107a some pls help I will pay Kujtimlokaj1@yahoo.com

    1. Me too......

      You are such a Jack Ass ........Kujta

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    3. I'm selling 105..122.for 100 bucks

  7. Where are the romantic getaways?

  8. i have 105a for sale let me know your offers @ chanillo82@gmail.com

  9. i have 131E. is there anyone out there who needs it? postcard@mt.net

  10. Have semi rare pieces 105a, 122c, 126d, 145g. Willing to sell or split winnings! Only a few weeks to get winning game boards in for verification. Email me at dj.hernandez1976@gmail.com if interested. Would be a shame to not partner up with someone that has the rare winner!

  11. I have 110B, 122C and 147H.
    if you have 113B or 117C or 146H we can team up for a winner

  12. Looking to negotiate for 113B I have semi rare piece 110B. Lets be winners, if you have 113B please contact me at kx3prehn@yahoo.com to discuss how we can both come at winners. Good Luck to Everyone

  13. I have 126D. Willing to share , split, negotiate the $50,000- prize if you have 125D. Call or text me at 970-222-1870. My name is KC

  14. I have 131... Anyone has 134? Have not seen anyone yet!

  15. I have mostly all sections missing rare pieces only need two for the million these blogs take a long time to search threw.

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